Sonic Drilling and Drilling Sampling using Multi-Twin G30 Drill

Case History of the Sonic Meta-Probe Multi-Twin G30 Drill:

The project was initiated in the Northwest Territories of Canada to determine the applicability of the Sonic Meta-Probe to core the frozen overburden.

The Drill was configured by MPI Drilling to provide for transport from base camp to each drill location by helicopter in 1200 pound lifts.

The Sonic Meta-Probe Multi-Twin G30 Drill penetrated the perma-frost with an NQ sized sample barrel at rate of one minute per foot.

It operates a Host of in-hole Tooling:

System: All Hydraulic, Portable with Rotary Options.
Capabilities: Sonic Soil Sampling with Undisturbed Cores - No Cuttings.
Groundwater Sampling, Monitor Well Installations & Direct Push Installations.